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Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves?

The Answer Can be Found in My New Book, Default is a Bitch! The Hurdle Between Self-Sabotage & Self-Mastery

First the bad news.

  • Self-sabotaging activities are keeping you stuck.

  • Your head is filled with thoughts like I am not good enough…I am unworthy…

  • If you can’t even overcome yourself, then you’re pretty much hopeless, right?

Now the good news.

  • Imagine walking away from the booze, drugs, and toxic relationships and never looking back.

  • How much better would life be if you thought highly of yourself? I am good enough…I am worthy…

  • What if you knew a simple, proven way to overcome yourself?

Trust me, I've been where you're at...

My name is Hunter Charneski, and I have a PhD in Self-Sabotage.

I knew I was a storyteller at age eleven, but a volatile childhood coupled with losing my father at age fourteen thrust me into a nearly two-decade long self-sabotaging spree.

Drugs, sex, and nightclubs robbed me of my twenties and nearly cost me everything, until I met The Trillion Dollar Man.

Then everything changed, but not in the way you might think...

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